I’ve seen amazing results and being trained by Teresa has exceeded my expectations.  Training has become a way of life for me.  I look forward to my workouts because they’re fun and not a drill.  I love feeling stronger and looking toned.  The bonus was losing 20 pounds in the process, so my clothes fit the way I want them to.  With working out regularly, I am more aware of every bite I eat.  I feel GOOD and look GREAT!  I feel like my 70 years of age is now the NEW 50!

Carolyn G. - 69

I used to workout in person with Teresa.  When I moved out of the area, I continued my regular workouts LIVE online using Facetime and Google video chat.  She has a wide array of knowledge on health, fitness and diet, understanding how to help meet whatever my goals have been. I have a back injury and knee problems, but Teresa was able to work around my discomforts while strengthening and keeping my workouts fresh and interesting. With Teresa’s guidance, I lost over 40 pounds for my wedding. I love the convenience of working out Virtually for my fitness.

Claire W. - 32

Teresa has been facilitating my therapy with 2 knee replacements. I was so pleased that the recovery time for both surgeries were significantly shorter than expected. In fact, my PT released me early because of the training and therapy program I received from Teresa. I credit this to her extensive knowledge of the body and years of experience. While rehab and training, I worked with Teresa on eating and living a healthier lifestyle to match my new bionic legs!

Jim K. - 58

Working with Teresa has been engaging and challenging to my muscles but is now fun!  Over the last 5 years, Teresa has worked with me through many of life’s challenges:  a fall with rib contusion, fractured 4 ribs, foot surgery & non weight bearing for 3 months, total knee replacement and recently, an auto accident with a broken sternum and a compression fracture of the back.  She is knowledgeable, clear in her instruction and has a heart as big as the stars.  She is gracious as well as a slave driver!  Her sense of humor helps distract me when my body protests too much!  However, I have now lost a total of 80 lbs.  I’m glad to have changed my eating habits and to include exercise as a necessary part of life….  MY BODY LOVES IT!!  Thank you, Teresa, for giving me my life back!

Debbie H. - 70

Teresa has been an inspiration to me.  She was able to encourage me to work leading me on the road  to better fitness.  She was both  gentle and tough at appropriate times.  I have had some physical challenges, but she worked with me modifying my program as necessary.  After every workout, I feel stronger, healthier and motivated.  She is a kind person who has her heart in fitness.  She cares for her clients and works with them to improve their physical health and quality of living.  I highly recommend Teresa to all ages and stages of health.

Jennifer J. - 55

Regular workouts with Teresa have really enabled me to keep playing tennis – the sport I love. Not only has it improved my strength and stamina, but the core work and stretches have helped my flexibility and balance which has kept me from injuring myself.  My tennis elbow flairs up from time to time, and Teresa will modify my exercises to accommodate my discomfort still giving me a very thorough routine and workout.  I leave feeling energized and have seen an improvement in my matches.  I love my workouts!

Christina F. - 72

I decided to get a personal trainer, because I was having trouble prioritizing my health. I recently moved to Santa Cruz and with a new job and graduate school, the effects of not exercising or eating well were taking a toll. Working with Teresa has helped me develop healthier habits such as regular exercising and eating breakfast. She helps me see the small achievements, so that my long-term goals don’t seem so daunting. Her positive nature keeps me pumped during our morning sessions, and she is able to easily adapt the workouts to my preferences.

Jennifer H. - 29

I have always been an active person, but in the past few years, I was having trouble with my low back.  I started with Teresa to help my back and to gain more strength.  My other goals were to improve my core strength and mobility and apply this to my daily activities.  Not only have I accomplished this with Teresa, but she adds the motivation.  I have been able to transfer the routines to my daily home exercise efforts.  When playing beach volleyball, I am moving around the court more quickly and hitting with greater power.  I’ve seen an improvement in my overall game due to having greater strength and less back pain.  Teresa is very capable and knowledgeable and focused on areas that really helped me.

Kim G. - 62

I have been working with Teresa since I was 99 years old.  My daughter encouraged me to begin some stretching and movement on the stationary bike.  I now embrace the biking, the stretching and weights.  My favorite thing is to get stronger.  Just a few months after I began exercising with Teresa, my friends and my doctors began commenting on the differences they see.  I stand up straighter and walk without a cane or walker.  I am now 103 and Teresa helps me to stay active, so I can do the things I love:  gardening, baking fancy desserts & spending time with the animals.

Mary C. - 103

I observed Teresa’s work with a mutual friend, Karine, dealing with Stage IV Breast Cancer. Karine hired Teresa for personal training at home since she was in a very weakened state. Karine wanted to continue a basic fitness regimen while undergoing chemo treatments. During the sessions I was present, Teresa eased Karine into a number of stretches and strength-building exercises. She kept Karine focused while being friendly and fun. I have known Teresa for quite some time but was very impressed by her professional and supportive approach. Although I have NSCA (Nat’l Strength and Conditioning Assn) certification and an advanced degree in Physical Education, I learned many new aspects of fitness training. It felt like Karine was in really good hands, and I would highly recommend Teresa to anyone looking for a personal trainer.  – Phil Kaplan

Karine G. - 48 (written by Phil Kaplan)

When I began with Teresa in 2010, I wanted to increase my strength and manage my pain.  I used to spend most days under a dark cloud.  I also wanted to improve my outlook and attitude.  I have gotten these things and so much more.  I get along better with my spouse and feel better most days.  I feel like I’m able to function normally so that I can do the things I like:  going to the show, working in the yard, and helping with other chores around the house.  There are days when I really don’t want to workout, but I make myself go in.  I always feel so much better for it!

Mike M. - 72