Established in 2003.

Personal Training

Teresa began fitness training in early 2003 when she owned and operated a women’s only gym called “Go Figure Fitness.” In 2006, she changed her focus to Private One-on-One and Semi-Private Training. She received her Personal Trainer certification from one of the industry’s most prestigious institutions: American Council on Exercise (ACE). Graduating with a degree in Health Science, she has developed an exercise background in health and fitness including experience as an Athletic Trainer, Physical Conditioning and Aerobics Coach along with developing a specialty with the aging body:  senior fitness, menopause, injury, balance & fall prevention.

Teresa works in Private Studios, Your Home, Outdoor, and Virtually. 


Teresa also believes in the importance of a partnership between nutrition and exercise. She partners with clients on weight loss, managing diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol in order to live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Having healthy food choices make a difference with your results when wanting to make a lifestyle change. Teresa completed her certification as a Nutrition Specialist with the AASDN:  American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists.

“Manage Your Health through Nutrition Education and Coaching!”