Virtual Fitness.

Online FitnessVirtual Fitness is convenient and delivers results!

Do you have a demanding schedule?  Are you traveling for work or vacation? Do you live in a remote area?

With virtual fitness, you continue to have accountability and motivation from a live, in person trainer with the flexibility of your schedule and location.

Equipment:  Little equipment is needed or required to have a thorough workout and great results.  Large gym equipment is not necessary.  Some clients have cable equipment or a Bowflex at home, but this isn’t necessary.  I’ve worked with clients with as little as an exercise band.  At the other end of the spectrum, a traveling client is able to have a “In-Person” Session on their phone, laptop or ipad/Kindle while in a fitness center.  Via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or another video chat program exercise has become possible VIRTUALLY – anywhere and anytime. A person no longer has to miss out on the benefits of a lost fitness routine due to travel, bad weather, road conditions or not feeling like leaving the convenience of their home on a particular day. Virtual Fitness allows for flexibility with our crazy schedules and lives.   Exercise in the convenience of your own home, gym or office!  Go Virtual!

“I love the convenience of my virtual workouts.  It has helped me stay with a regular exercise routine that works with my schedule.  I should have begun this years ago!”  Anita A. – Austin, Texas

“During this “Stay at Home” order, I have been continuing my workouts virtually on my phone or iPad with Teresa.  It gives me something to look forward to.  Teresa is a great trainer and a trusted friend.  Take it from a 77 year young great grandmother, personal training is awesome!”  Janet E. –  Meridian, Idaho

“As a busy CEO, with a travel schedule to match, I fell into some bad habits. Teresa and I meet virtually! So, via video, we get it done!  Teresa works out with me, describes and corrects my form and is super creative with using whatever is available. The best part about working virtually saves me time. Teresa is a gem!”  Melissa D. – Spurwing Country Club in Idaho

“Teresa not only trains you physically, but also gives diet coaching and knows how to motivate!  Recently, we did a virtual workout and I loved that!  It’s just like having Teresa in your home.  I thought it would be awkward, but I ended up loving it.  I don’t even have to leave the house and she’s right there (virtually) working with me.  She can adapt the workout so that you don’t need any special equipment. You won’t be disappointed!”  Karen B. – Middleton, Idaho